IronScot: a wee history.

I started out as a marathon runner – from zero to 26.2 miles, which was my first running race. Then, after 7 years I found an even greater challenge: triathlon. Of course, having seen the video of Julie Moss crawling across the Ironman Hawaii finish line, it was all to do the same. I competed in triathlons for 8 years, then in Ironman triathlons for 10 years. I met fantastic people on my journey and some of my best friends. I’m one of the original Yellow Page Peeps who used to hang out in The Tri Lounge. These days I continue to exercise daily but no longer race for now, maybe one day I will take up the challenge again. As befits my name, I live in the wonderful capital of Scotland. Train safe and smile!

I was the first GB triathlete to regularly base myself in Tucson, AZ to train for triathlons. Starting in 1994, I spent a month there (most of my annual leave from my full time job) training and racing too, in the warmth and sunshine. Yes, I have ridden to the top of Mt Lemmon – once, on my own (the day after I’d ridden to Mile 14 with friends)! I invented a Ben Nevis (at 4411 feet, the highest peak in the British Isles) bike hill rep session 3 x (4 x mile 0 to mile 1) with 5 mins rest, on Mt Lemmon, since the total ascent was close enough to the height of Ben Nevis, which I did twice a week. I swam at Hillenbrand at lunchtimes when the public could do so for $1 and met some of the best swimmers in the world. I love it out there so much I still go 🙂

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